How to hide photos on iPhone?

How to Hide Photos on iPhone

This time we are back to tell how to hide photos on iPhone, hide photos, without using any app or software. This will help you to hide photos from others instead of deleting it from your mobile. Here is the step by step process to hide photos.

In mobile phones probably contains some images that you do not want to see under the eyes of anyone. In addition to your family photos, you may have compromising photos, late-night images, or screenshots that you would prefer to keep private.

To avoid that one of your relatives falls on clichés that he should not see, it is better to carry out a sorting on a regular basis. iOS incorporates an unknown function to hide some images from the film, without removing them from your iPhone.

The simplest way to Hide photos on your iPhone as it doesn’t require any software or app. Every person likes to hide some private photo on their iPhone.  This method only keeps photos and videos hide from your phone. Hidden photos will be visible in photos at the bottom in the photos. If you’re using iCloud Photo Library, any photos hidden on your iPhone

1. Access iOS film

To hide photos on iPhone, open the Photos app, and go to either the Photos tab or Album and select All Photos.

how to hide photos on iphone

2. Select the images to hide

Press the Select button. at the top right of the screen, and then select all the images you want to Hide.

how to hide photos on iphone

3. Hide photos iPhone

Once all your images are selected, press the share button displayed at the bottom left of the screen. So this is a handy tip for who regularly passes his iOS device to a friend or family member to show holiday photos for example, but would like to avoid leaving some photos too easily visible.

From the options displayed on the line at the bottom of the screen, choose the Hide and Accept option. All selected images should then disappear from the film of your iPhone without being removed from your device.

how to hide photos on iphone

4. how to see hidden photos

To find your hidden images, in the library of iOS, go to the Albums section and scroll through the albums until you see the album Masked. All the photos you have chosen to hide photos are stored there.

At some times your hidden photo will not appear in your phone, here the photos are in the icloud and if you want to see these photos Goto icloud Library and there you can see your hidden photos

how to unhide photos on iphone

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How to unhide photos on iphone

follow these steps: On your iPhone.

  1. Open the Photos app and go to the Albums tab.
  2. Touch the Hidden album.
  3. Select the photos.
  4. Click on unhide
  5. Now you can see your photos on Albums

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