TrueCaller Premium APK-Step by Step Process

Truecaller Premium APK: The Truecaller application detects unknown callers and blocks unwanted calls. Display names and photos of callers, even if they are not saved in your contact list.

How Truecaller Works?

Truecaller is easy to work with when a person downloads their application. Truecaller takes all the contact information of that person from their mobile phone and stores that information in their database. In this way, Truecaller creates a massive database of users and their connection information. Therefore, Truecaller uses this data to provide information about numbers you don’t know, and this process is called crowdsourcing.

After collecting user information, Truecaller applies its machine learning to analyze its data and establish a regular and meaningful correlation between them, finding a good name and nickname for each person, mapping it to its database Is, and when you get a call from an unknown number in its database. Finds the number and show you the name of that unknown person.

This is a very useful application. The Truecaller app now offers lots of ads for free users. Click Down

Premium Users has to Pay Rs.49 Per month for availing Premium Features including No Ads, Who View My Profile, Call Recording

TrueCaller Premium Gold Member Apk Mod

More Advanced Technologies There are many ways that people can connect with others. Previously, money could only be used to send short or long messages. Until now, the explosion of information made people know everything only through their smartphones. But everything has its drawbacks: the more useful it is, the more bad things done by the wrong people.

Advertising data is growing and using all of your space. Users need a perfect solution to this problem. Truecaller provides the best experience for users around the world, preventing useless news on users’ devices.

Truecaller Premium Mod Apk is an inherited Truecaller application that has been modified to access Gold premium features for free.

In this Truecaller Mod app, you will receive all the premium gold features, such as call recording, which will be viewed by your profile, without ads, caller IDs, and premium badges.

Features of TrueCaller Premium APK

  • Call Recording – You can record any of the phone calls. This will not work on Android Pie & Q
  • No Ads – Use Truecaller without disturbing Ad Banners.
  • Premium Badge – Looks amazing on out-going calls.
  • Incognito Mode – Can View Profiles of others without their notice.
  • More Contact Requests – Can Send Up to 30 Requests every month.
  • Gold Caller ID – Let others Notify as a gold member & get a gold badge.

TrueCaller Premium APK

Step by Step method on Installing TrueCaller Premium Mod Apk

  • Step-1) First of all, you need to Uninstall Official Truecaller App if you have installed already.
  • Step-2) Open Settings on your Mobile/Phone and Go to Security and Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Step-3) Click on Truecaller Premium Mod Apk File & Install it on your phone.
  • Step-5) Open the True Caller App which is installed
  • Step-6) Click on Get Started & Allow Permissions
  • Step-7) Enter Your Number & it will verify your Number through OTP.
  • Step-8) You Need to enter Your Name & Email ID.
  • Step-9) Thatsit. Now you are a Premium Gold Member for free.
  • Go to Menu & You can see all the Premium Features including who Viewed your profile, etc.

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About TrueCaller Premium Gold Member Apk Mod

App Name True Caller Premium Mod
Size 41 MB
Apk Version v11.2.10
Android Support 4.1 or above
Installs 500,000,000+
Last Updated 9-Apr-20
Price FREE
Offered by True Software Scandinavia AB

Although the smartphone has many functions for entertainment tasks, such as photography, games, writing documents, it cannot be denied that the call is the primary function of the smartphone. If you are a person who often makes business calls and wants to use more professional applications for requests, you should try Truecaller Premium compared to similar claims in the application store.

Android version. Truecaller Premium is quite expensive. Instead of paying only once for other applications, Truecaller Premium requires users to pay monthly. But it really costs your money. This application has an absolutely easy to use interface, high compatibility with many devices and supports advanced functions of utilities.

If you do not want to use the paid version, you can still download and use the free version of Truecaller. The free version comes with ads and still has fewer features than the premium version. However, we believe that it still meets the basic needs of users.

Truecaller Premium Apk Download

Of course, you have the opportunity to use Truecaller Premium for free, since we have already provided you with the Truecaller Premium APK file, you will need to download and install it in order to use the Premium features for free.

The Truecaller function acts as a communication tool. Of course, this is something special, so it’s more powerful than Facebook’s built-in tools. You can start making calls, sending text messages, and video calls with friends to contact them as often as possible.

Also, the connection is most effective, so you will not be afraid to be disconnected from the conversation. Not to mention docking stations around the world that will allow users to connect with friends anywhere in the world if they have a stable Internet.

As already specified, you will be excluded from useless and spam messages. Anonymous SMS and remote SMS will be blocked until you reach the “Truecaller” connection. You can add the names and phone numbers of many people so that they do not contact you again. All of the above will be blocked a lot.

Truecaller Premium Features

What can Truecaller Premium do?
If you’re wondering why Truecaller Premium is expensive, check out the features below:

Caller ID blocks spam and call logs.

250 million users across the world use the utility that Truecaller provides them for free. This means that everyone can benefit from downloading this application on their device. When calling, IP addresses are now displayed, which allows users to determine who called and identify spam from the station or scammers. Only important people can contact you.

Block incoming calls

Of course, you are threatened with repeated calls or messages from unwanted phone numbers. This may be a commercial line or from a person who intentionally annoys. Blocking calls and messages is becoming more necessary.

However, there are many more devices that do not support this feature. An alternative is to download and use Truecaller instead of the standard SMS and call program. This feature is provided in the free version, so you can try it without worrying about in-app purchases. Also, if the number in the blacklist is blocked from you, the caller will only hear the busy channel signal. He has no notifications, or the phone rang to bother you.

Black List

Truecaller Premium also justifies blocking phone numbers. The application collects data from many ways and regular users to analyze digital amounts. If you know the spam phone number, you can prevent the spam and click Report. This helps in creating a better user experience

Effectively block spam messages.

Truecaller can completely block messages from blocked numbers. Users cannot verify who sent the message and message content for this number. Although users try to block messages with unwanted phone numbers, sometimes they want to see who sent them and what happened. It’s a great experience for friends and likes to block one’s messages.

Record the call

The Truecaller Premium version works well. It is automatic with excellent features. Additionally, users can synchronize data to cloud storage and playback it anytime or on any device. It depends on the security of your country. Overall, not dangerous. The reason for the verified call maybe because you want to call your family or stored relatives as a souvenir.

Besides, such exposure is useful for work and everyday life. For example, your employer will call you and give you a lot of tasks. During the call, you don’t have to focus too much on reading. You can listen to the following requests and save the information. This is indeed necessary

Save and sync

Truecaller Premium lets you improve and integrate with Google Drive, including news, contacts, messages, and all the features. This is especially helpful when you are replacing machines. You need to combine previously saved data with the new Truecaller Premium Device.

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