Most Important Tips You Have To Consider For Google AdSense Account Approval in 2021


AdSense account approval tips:

When I was a newbie I struggled hard enough to get AdSense account approval. Google AdSense is one of the best ad networks to monetize any website or a weblog(blog). It is 90% much better than any other CPC advertising networks or agencies. It offers the publishers the highest CTR for every web page. The publishers could realize lots of revenue daily from Google Adsense. Every new webmaster has a dream to monetize his website with this ad system. But regrettably, many of them miscarry. Adsense has introduced some strict rules and requirements. It seems difficult to get AdSense account approval for our new blog, as a newbie. But, we know impossible is nothing.

adsense account approval guide

The proper word is” Getting Adsense account approval with a New Blog is Now Certainly Easy,” if you follow some basic settles from the starting of your blog. When I firstly tried, I failed to get approval. But, following these rules, now I have a valid AdSense account. Guessing about this subject, I decided to share the basic practices for AdSense account approval for an application.

google AdSense account approval

First Ready Your Blog Before Applying for Adsense to get AdSense account approval in less time:

Adsense moderators always approve those blogs whose have met up specific requirements. First of all, you can compel your blog ready for this process. Check firstly if your blog considers these conditions. Now, there are some initial requirements announcement by AdSense team, and there are some known spoofs and quirks that work. For precedent, on this official sheet it’s mentioned that for countries like China& India, publishers need to own the area for minimum six months, which is not a thumb-rule. Many Indian bloggers have got approval with one-month-old blogs. The only concept which really matters here is “Quality”. Let’s look at factors which will meet your blog AdSense ready.

Write High-Quality Contents

A writing motto “Content is King” helps you understand this requirement. A high-quality blog is identified with the high-quality contents. Great materials mean unique, embellished, territory and clear concerted content. Some black hat webmasters say, imitate glue material merely between 100-200 utterances is sufficient. But, I may assure him that his journeying to Adsense will be certainly finished. I imagine, how a blog affix or content could be only between 100-200 names? In my opinion, it is highly impossible to describe a topic entirely within 100-200 words. And if copy paste content is reasonable, anybody can swear him as a blogger. Please keep attention, Google AdSense doesn’t approve blogs with replica glued copyright material. A well-optimized blog affix should be 100% unique and above 500-600 commands. So, always write blog upright above such limits, and it must be unique which clearly determinate the affix topic.

Optimize Blog Post with Meta Tags and Make It Search Engine Friendly

Optimize your unique blog berth with Meta Title Tag and Description Tag. The meta tags and description tags describe what the content is about to the crawler bots. It is not available for AdSense editorial board to check every single website that has applied to get AdSense approval. So, positively they will use their crawler bots. The bots will check for every footprint on your blog. That’s why you should make sure; “you’ve had” specified these calls with appropriate information.

Please keep in mind that your Meta Title should be between 69 characters( including openings ), and Meta Description should be between 156 references( including gaps ). If you are using scaffold-like WordPress or Blogger, here are two templates which will embrace all necessary SEO requirements

Have Sufficient Contents or Berths

You must head sufficient materials or berths on every page and category. In total, you should have 10-30 blog posts on your whole blog. This is not an official manifesto. But, I recommend everybody to at the least have it. So, you should have at least 3-4 positions in all categories, tag and page. Google Adsense to indicate that we must have sufficient contents in every single web page. So, we should include materials in all sheets and categories. There shouldn’t be any blank page without any content. And these announces have to pass the minimum portion of 500-600 utterances as it is the best blog pole duration. The more you increase the length of the blog post or content, the more you go towards to get Google Adsense approval.

Blog Domain Must Old At least 6 Months

As I mentioned above, in certain countries like India and China, there is a requirement for six months for the domain to apply for AdSense. Now is official word from AdSense team

In some locations, including China and India, we are in need publishers to have owned their locates for six months. We’ve made this step to ensure the quality of our push system and shield the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.

Some blog domain could get approved having less old than six months. Even, I got my Adsense note with the only one-month-old domain. Can you suppose? But, the average province senility for certain geo-location should be six months.

Apply Using Root Domain

You should ever relate abusing the root arena like Not

Be Serious to Opt Content Images

Google Adsense doesn’t approve blogs if they lead to copyrighted materials. Copyrighted conveys the matters that ought to have reproduced from others directory without their permission. And we clear fault every time when choosing an image. Some parties just go to an idol index, take their suitable images and upload these on their blogs. Did they ever check if they have permission to use these? The really sad information is that, most of the webmasters who fail to get Adsense because of this copyrighted constitution. And “its certainly true it is” caused by copyrighted epitomes.

Lead a Nice design and Blog Structure

Blog structure is the basic organization of your blog. So, make sure that you have a delightful searching header, content neighborhood, sidebar, footer, etc. Always think if the visitors will like the structure. If parties like it, Adsense are certainly like it. The first impression of any blog come here for blog intend, and you can take advantage of any professional gaping templates( free or paid ), and use it on your blog.

Check if Your Blog is Not Locked by Google

Be sure that, Your blog is not blocked by Google. Because Adsense will check Your blog statistics on their search engine. Don’t know how to check it? Just search for ” website:” on Google. If you find out search results, your blog is not a barrier. But, if you not, it is blocked.

Don’t Have Adsense Prohibited Content

Adsense has immediately told that , places with adult contents, copyrighted materials, dose alcohol-related contents, hacking cracking contents, violent contents, artilleries related contents and other illegal materials will not be approved.

Visitors Are Not a Cause for Approval Yet

For getting Adsense approval visitors are not relevant factors. Because you will get approval depending on your blog content. It is assured that the Adsense moderator will never check for visitors analytics. So, don’t worry about visitors. But, for making revenues, you must have enough visitors.

Applying for Google Adsense:

If you follow all the tips as mentioned above, you are most likely to get your AdSense application approval at the first time.

But, before you apply for the same. Changes in Approved AdSense host partner site details Google AdSense brand-new note approval lotion process

And once you prepared, read this newbie’s guide to applying for an AdSense account. You can also apply right from here if You have an eligible blog, Google Adsense Sign up.

Let me know if you have any query related to Google AdSense approval, and I would love to answer them. If you enjoy predicting this article, don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Google plus.

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