Apps to use During Quarantine- Best Cool apps for Corona Virus Quarantine

Best Cool apps to use during quarantine. For some people, it is frustrating to be so many days without leaving their home; for this reason, it is advisable to have entertainment alternatives and not lose connection with friends and family.

With over a billion quarantined people around the world, apps like Parchis Star, Uno !, House Party, and Asked Questions have become fashionable.



It is an application that allows making group video calls of up to 8 members. Participants can choose from 4 available games: Trivia, (players answer different questionnaires), Quick Draw! (one player draws on the screen while the others guess)Heads Up! (users must give clues to a player to guess which character he is) and Chips and Guac. For all players to play in real-time, just press the dice button during the video call. Houseparty is available on iOS, Android, and Google Chrome.

Parchis Star

The parquet is a classic game that we have all played at some time. Parchis Star allows you to play games with various modalities: one against one, teams of two or four against four. Users can choose to play with their friends by sending them an invitation or play a random game with anyone in the world. Furthermore, users can communicate with their opponents via text messages. This multiplayer online game is available for iOS and Android and is completely free.

Apps to use during quarantine

Apps to use During Quarantine


The famous game Stop is now in a digital version as Stop! And it is available on the App Store. Playing it is simple: any letter of the alphabet is selected, and each player writes five words that start with this letter in different categories. The user who matches the highest number of words in the shortest time wins. The game has more than 150 different and creative categories.

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This app allows you to play the classic UNO card game online with friends, whose mission is simple: be the first to run out of cards. However, One! It offers new forms of play, ranging from the classic style with the usual rules or one in which you can bet on all or nothing. There are also more cards like ‘Discard all’ to remove color completely from the hand. It is available for iOs, Android, and Google Play.


Asked a trivia game where you can challenge your friends in different categories of questions: art, science, sports, entertainment, geography, and history. The first player to answer three correct questions from each of the six categories will be the winner of the game. Each game will have a maximum of 25 rounds. This app is available for iOs, Android, and Google Play.

June’s Journey


It is a hidden object game in this players are given a list of items to find within a static scene. Users must find clues, solve puzzles, and decipher puzzles to beat the levels. The game has a cast of characters, and players receive points for each item found and earn multipliers for completing tasks quickly.


This game, available in 16 languages, consists of combining different letters to form as many words as possible. It can be played against friends or against random opponents around the world. This app is available for iOs, Android, and Windows Phone.


GamePigeon is an application that offers up to 26 games for iPhone or iPad. To use it, you must open the application in an iMessage with the contact with whom you want to play and choose a game from the list to start. Multiplayer iMessage games include anagrams, sea battle, basketball, darts, miniature golf, cup pong, crazy 8, checkers, yew, among others. After opening the app in an iMessage, simply select a game from the list to get started. This app is only available for iOs.


This app is an ‘online’ multiplayer game that is based on the logic of the classic Picchase game: A given player is given a word that he will have to draw in 99 seconds for the other members to guess. If you write or use words or letters, the player may be penalized. This app allows a maximum of 12 members per game and is available for iOS and Android.


The classic Monopoly game is also available on the App Store and Google Play. Here we can play with users from all over the world or create a private game with friends.

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