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Free Fire: Hey, guys welcome to my site Smarttechbuzz. We are back with a new and updated Whatsapp Group for Free Fire. In this article, you will find all Free Fire Whatsapp Group Links. if you are searching for Free Fire Whatsapp groups then you are in the right place where you can find all kinds of Free Fire WhatsApp group links 2022.

Free fire is a game similar to Pubg with some different features. This game has many versions with new updates every month. You can connect Garena free fire with facebook while playing. After connecting with Facebook, you can play with your Facebook friends who had installed this game.

There will be different maps in the game. This game will be of 10 minutes with a total of 50 players play the game but there will be only one winner. In this game, you can play with team combination. There are 3 types of teams named solo ( singleplayer), Duo(2 players), the squad ( four players). You can also communicate with your team members with voice chat.with the help of voice chat you can guide your friend if an enemy is behind your teammate. These 50 players choose their place on the map and jump from a plane with the help of a parachute.

Different type of guns :

  • AR
  • SMG
  • sg
  • sr
  • grenade launcher
  • short gun
  • spas 12
  • mp 40
  • VSS
  • famas
  • scar
  • m4A1
  • Groza
  • An94
  • m14
  • Ak

Maps name: Bermuda, purgatory.

Game types 

  • classic Bermuda
  • classic Purgatorio
  • zombie invasion
  • Death uprising ( The Graveyard)

New update contains 

1. New character Rafael
2.Royal pass calculation
3. A toxic zone is added only in Bermuda
4. New gun ( Gatling Gun)
5. A repair kit is added
6. While doing loot, auto pickup optimization is added new
7. Hot zone in purgatory is added
8. m79 gun can get in airdrop only
9. new rank named grandmaster is added
10. summer-themed spawn island

Types of scopes: 2x,3x,4x,6x,8x, some scopes fit only to specified guns, not all scopes are used to every gun. The player or players in a team who survives till the end will be the winner. The player who kills fewer enemies but survives till the end will be the winner. The best way to kill the enemy is a headshot. Different types of vehicles are used in the free-fire to go from one place to another on a map.

You can also walk, run, crawl in the game while your friend from the same team drives the vehicle, you should not jump from the vehicle. If you jump from vehicle suddenly then your health becomes fewer vehicles – Bike, monster truck, sports car, jeep. There are different types of costumes for boys and girls.some are free and some are paid costumes. costumes – shirts, pants, helmet, shoes, bulletproof, bags with different capacities, mosk.

LOOT CRATE- It contains a health kit, guns, bandages, energy drinks, grenades, costumes.

How to know Free fire Pc Player or Moblie Phone Player?

So first let’s talk about some basic features of free fire. So whenever you are in a game in the free fire, the left 50% of the screen is for navigation or moving your character. And the right side 50% is for changing the camera view.

So wherever you touch on the left side of the screen, the navigation button will appear and you can move your character. Similarly, if you move your touch on the right side of the screen, your camera view will change. So let’s find out what difference does this make in a gameplay video or live stream from a phone or pc.

When you are playing from a pc, you have to use an emulator. And the emulator has certain keybindings. Keybindings mean what action occurs in the game when you press certain keys on your keyboard that have to be set beforehand. And for all the in-game buttons, you have to use separate keys from the keyboard. And for moving your character in Free Fire, you have to use the classic AWSD buttons.

But when we are playing from the phone, we have to use our thumb to navigate. And the difference between phone or pc gameplay video or stream is… Since we use keybindings while playing from pc, the navigation button, in that case, is fixed and does not shake or move around that much. But when we are playing from the phone, the navigation button keeps changing its place and jumping around the screen as we use or thumb for it.

So whenever you are watching a video or a live stream, just keep an eye on the navigation button….. So if you see the navigation button just fixed on the same spot all the time, understand that the player is playing with PC, and if the button is jumping around time and again, understand its a phone player.

Guys, so there is also another way to find out if someone is playing from a phone or a pc. And that is custom rooms in free fire Whenever we create a custom room, as you can see in this screenshot. If there is a mouse icon behind the username of a player in a custom room, he/she is a pc player.

And if there is no mouse icon behind the username of a player, as you can see the no. 50 players here, he is a phone player. Those who play from pc have the mouse icon behind their usernames and those who play from the phone don’t have it.

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Free Fire Zoom In Zoom Out Trick

I am going to talk about the pros and cons of zoom in zoom out technique.. …how I learned this technique and why this technique works and how to use it. So please stick till the end. I learned this trick a while ago (when I just started uploading videos in this channel) I used to watch a lot of videos of players from different regions.

Also free fire tournaments and championships. And in those tournaments and championships, most of them played in default using this technique and they were so good at this. And I was wondering how these players are playing like this.

I mean what buttons to tap and all that. And eventually, I figured it out and learned the technique. And this technique is really easy, to be honest. Now let’s talk about my experience with this zoom in zoom out technique. I find this trick to be really easy and helpful at the same time.

I mostly use this technique for enemies that are moving and are far away from me… When I was playing in precise on scope mode, I had to follow the enemies with an aim and shoot them when they move.

But when I play with zoom in zoom out technique then I don’t have to worry that much about moving aim, just doing zoom in zoom out is enough. And my reaction time has also improved by playing with this technique. But yeah, we do need to practice a lot to get good at it. Now let’s talk about why this technique works.

Actually, there are 2 main reasons why this technique works. Namely: first shot accuracy and the default mode in a free fire. First shot accuracy is basically when we shoot at a target for the first time with a gun…

That first shot has near 100% accuracy..(but if you keep pressing fire button the accuracy decreases) And it helps get the damage without waste of bullets. The second reason is the default mode of free fire. In default mode, the aim automatically follows the target without any assist..even if the target is moving. And while doing zoom in zoom out, the aim shifts to the enemy if they are moving.

Now let’s talk about the advantage and disadvantages. Firstly let’s talk about the disadvantage. The main disadvantage is that we are standing still while doing zoom in zoom out and if the enemies are good at precise on the scope they can get headshots easily. And at that time, zoom in zoom out technique will be useless.

And the main advantage is when the enemies are moving (even in vehicles) we can shoot them with higher accuracy. How to use this technique.? First off, you have to go to settings and keep the left fire button “ALWAYS ON” And in custom HUD, just position the scope button and left the fire button at the places where you can use them easily…

You can also play for some time and change their positions according to your personal preferences. When should we use this zoom in zoom out technique? Mostly you can use it when the enemies are far away and are can give them good damage with this technique even when they are in vehicles. So you have finally watched all of the videos and I hope you understand how this technique works…

Only use zoom in zoom out trick when the enemies are far away and when they get close, definitely use close-range guns to fight. And don’t start doing zoom in zoom out when enemies are close, or else they will easily kill you. I really enjoy playing with this trick and it is really a cool technique. You guys also try this technique and practice.

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