Kinemaster App Download | Free Download for Windows & Mac (2020)

kinemaster app download: KineMaster is an Android application ، It can edit your videos like Pro۔ Unfortunately when you use the original app, Water Marks are found in your video۔

I recommend you to download the kine Master Diamond app on your device. Version is a modified version of the original app. It does not add watermarks.

KineMaster aims to combine great video editing features and deliver them as a package on mobile devices.

There are many Kinemaster features that can convert recordings into videos with high quality and effects.

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Kinemaster App Download


Intuitive Editing

Videos and layers can be cut and split where you want. The timing of the sound clips can be precisely adjusted by the subframe.

Instant preview

Don’t wait to see what the final video looks like. Track action changes as soon as possible.

Multi-Track Audio

Cain Master puts you in a studio mixing cabinet! Play 8 or more (depending upon your device) audio tracks at a time!

Multiple layers

CainMaster supports up to ten video layers (on supported devices), as well as unlimited text, images, handwriting and overlapping. Layer position and synchronization can be easily adjusted and layers can be animated using preset animation effects or keyframe animation.

Blending modes

Turn your videos into artificial objects with blending tools. Use it to remove white or black backgrounds, create double exposure and create your own custom color filters!

Speed ​​control

To get slow and timed effects, adjust the speed of your video from 0.25x to 16x without tone distortion.

Pro audio features

Extract and edit audio tracks separately from your video. Adjust the volume envelope, control the stereo channels, open audio tracks, or automatically unmute audio with Cainmaster’s powerful audio tools. Multiple audio formats are supported.

Chroma is key

Video layers support the composition of the color key, including full green screen support, a live preview of the alpha is used to define the edges of the mask.

Voice Recording

Cainmaster makes it easy to add audio streaming tracks to any video by letting you record audio while previewing your project.

What is KineMaster Gold APK

Keymaster Gold is an Android video editing application that allows you to easily edit any video. Many people use it to edit videos like YouTube and Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. People editing via this app are very popular. This is because it gives you the opportunity to remove the watermark for free.

If you edit the video with this Golden Kinemaster APK, you can easily edit the video. Since there are so many premium functions, you can get it for free. In this app you get many options like green screen, effects, video layout watermark option.

If you really love gold, this gold Kinemaster will also love you because its interface is absolutely golden and all its features give you a cool color. So you can use it easily. It has many functions that you can open for free. This is because the watermark is permanently removed.

Kinemaster App Download

Download for Free


kinemaster app download

Effects with the free version of Kinemaster

  • Intuitive editing
    Multi-track audio
    Multiple layers
    Blending mode
    Volume Envelope
    Transition Effects
    Voice recording
    Chroma key
    Speed control
    Multiple Layers
    Audio Filters
    Frame-by-Frame Trimming
    Animation Styles
    Instant Preview
    Social Media sharing
    Real-Time Recording

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