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At CES 2020, Dell invited us to preview their new devices. Here is the new Dell XPS 13 for 2020, whose main star is its big screen.

CES 2020 will soon open its doors, and many manufacturers are preparing to unveil their best new products for the new decade that begins. Naturally, the PC sector is one of the most represented during the event.

New Dell XPS 13 2020

Dell invited us in advance to discover its new products. Among them, one of the most anticipated is, of course, the new Dell XPS 13 for 2020, which we were finally able to take charge of. Here are our first impressions.


Dell is not a brand known to change its designs at all and even claimed it when asked about the event. However, it’s hard to deny that this new XPS 13 has become much more attractive on this new version.

And this is of course due to its new 16:10 screen integrated into the same chassis as the previous model. No sacrifice, except on the edges surrounding it which are extremely thin (but does not prevent integration at the top of the facial recognition sensor). You can enjoy it in 4K or Full HD definition, with an option without touchscreen for the latter description.

They all promise to cover the entire sRGB spectrum and 90% of the DCI-P3 range for the 4K version. With 500 nits of brightness announced, they are capable of offering HDR 400 compatibility. Full HD screens will be more contrasted, at 1800: 1, against 1500: 1 for 4K.

But enough technical specifications: they simply please the eye. Seeing the Dell XPS 13 and its proven design fit such a screen diagonal is exceptionally charming and makes an excellent first impression.

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Another point that we hoped to see evolve on the range: the size of the touchpad and keyboard. Dell understood this and thus integrated a more extensive manual, establishing itself over the entire width of the computer this time. To do this, the fingerprint reader/start button is now integrated into the keyboard.

The touchpad has also been revised and is now much larger. This was one of the small weaknesses of the previous models, which was finally reviewed in this model.

We then find the strengths of the range, namely its premium aluminium finishes with fibreglass for the white version or carbon fibre for the black version. Known, conquered, and always tough terrain that no competitor has yet folded.


But all is not rosy, alas. For all these improvements, Dell had to make a sacrifice that of the connectors. In place of the four standard USB type C ports previously present, only two are still present.

These are still two Thunderbolt 3 standard USB Type C ports, each benefiting from 4 PCI-E Gen 3 lanes and both of which can be used as a charging port for the device. Still, it is now impossible to pretend: to the majority of dongle users to be able to connect all of their peripherals.

Dell explains this sacrifice by the size of its new elements in the engineering of the device and the fact that consumers are now used to using adapters. This is indeed often the case, but this news is likely to disconcert more than one.

You can also count on a microSD card reader and a combo jack port. A USB type C to USB type A adapter will also be resupplied with the computer, in a box that we are promised is more premium than ever. Note also that Dell is working to make all of its packaging more eco-friendly, and aims to have all of it recyclable by 2030.


No surprise regarding the datasheet of these Dell XPS 13: they will benefit from the 10th generation of Intel processors. You can configure them with a Core i3-1005G1, a Core i5-1035G1 or a Core i7-1065G7, taking advantage for the first of an Intel UHD Graphics or Iris Plus chip for the latter.

To these, you can add 4 to 32 GB of LPDDR4x RAM clocked at 3733 MHz. For storage, Dell’s options will range from 256 to 2 TB of PCIe 3 SSD.

In terms of connectivity, they will not be outdone. WiFi 6 compatibility is ensured by the Killer WiFi card (integrated into SoC) when Bluetooth 5 is also part of it.

The Dell XPS 13 will benefit from a battery of 52 Wh, which aims longevity of 19 hours on the models in Full HD thanks to the improvements of the last SoC Intel. We will wait to be able to test all this, of course, to realize it.


The Dell XPS 13 will again be available in black (carbon fibre) or white (fibreglass).

Its starting price is announced at 999.99 dollars in its most modest configuration.  As of 3rd January, The Dell XPS 13 2020 will start at 79,400.


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