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Ram Ranch is a song by Grant McDonald, a famous erotic artist, featuring exaggerated sxx songs with a slightly rhythmic relationship to the rhythm that accompanies it. The song gained online popularity on Twitch as a way to troll Bait and Switch video.

The song did not become popular online until many years later when it was picked up by fans of Twitch Streamer Ice Poseidon.

Grant MacDonald, released many other Ram Ranch videos. These videos were given some random numbers. As of Feb 2019, these videos received more than 1 million views.

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ram ranch

Hilarious!! Hey, Why aren’t you guys wearing clothes?

ram ranch


Pretending to smoke when it’s cold outside







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ram ranch


ram ranch



ram ranch




You know you should look up Ram Ranxh. Because Ram Ranxh Really Rocks!!

ram ranch


ram ranch


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