Twitter Update:Twitter Announces New Feature To Protect Users

The social network deploys this new feature for all users, on the web and mobile applications.

After the ability to schedule your tweets, Twitter continues to roll out new features for platform users. Tested for months, especially in Canada, the new feature to hide responses to a tweet is being rolled out to all users.

Hidden answers, but always accessible.

The feature is available to all the Twitter users, both on the web and mobile apps, including Twitter Lite. The ability of this feature is to hide responses to a tweet is intended to prevent conversations from slipping or taking a negative turn.

Hidden responses by the original tweet author do not appear at first. However, users still have the option to display them by clicking a button displayed directly on the original message on Twitter.

Twitter has also provided some more statistics concerning this function. We learn that 85% of the users who already use it, no longer use the function block or hide.

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Dual authentication without the phone number.

The platform also announced that it had made some changes to the use of dual authentication to secure an account.

Now users have the option to activate this additional security module without having to enter their number. And for those who already use this option with their mobile number, they can now go to the settings of their account to reconfigure without.

In November 2016, Twitter had already tackled the matter of harassment or abusive behavior by extending the “mute” feature, that silences the accounts of “trolls” or user’s causation messages inappropriate messages.

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