What is Facebook Poke: How To Poke On Facebook

What is Facebook Poke?

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network now brought together more than one billion active members. Clearly, for most people, this social network is used as a means of communication. Only those who use this social network do not necessarily know the vocabulary that is dedicated to him, especially the word Poke.

What is Facebook Poke

What is poking on facebook

Facebook’s Poke is used as an application. For those who have not yet introduced the new presentation of the journal mode, it is placed at the top right of the newspaper of a member of the social network. This allows visitors wishing to “poker”, to go to the profile of the recipient and click on the icon messages, it also placed at the top right of the page. A drop-down menu will display and on the second line will show the Poke app. It is possible to “Poker” a friend or any other member of the social network provided that it has not prevented him in his settings

Be careful, though because, with updates, the interface of the social network can change. Note, however, that in a friend’s Pokal or not, it’s like saying hello to him by tapping him on the back or making advances to him

You have the poke = Friendly tape on the shoulder

The person just wants to point you out: kikoo, lol, I’m here, mega-cool, how are you?

That is to say, in a more or less natural language, that it’s just a way to say hello without bothering to write to you. Like, the person does not have the time, or it’s just a big joke! And a little stupid, do not hide your face! Well, it’s funny for a moment, but the ping-poke games that quickly becomes a loaf! So, you have to pay attention to the Poke back because after the person can poke back and we do not go out anymore. We find ourselves playing poker under any conditions and in the end, we are a bit like a swinger’s club except that people do not send each other in the air, they just hit each other on the shoulder

You have the PokePoke = Flirt, or more if affinities

Poke also means kiss when you’re a bit vulgar in your country. I know, it’s calm, we do not look like that. I’m sure now you tell yourself that you could be bullshit or not!

Several questions arise on the forums, the users of Facebook are found each time in front of new features, especially with the updates that Facebook makes. Among these new features, we see the famous PokePoke that many people wonder what a Facebook Poke is! This is normal because this function does not help anything and does nothing

According to the Google translation, a Poke is a push or a shot. If we translate the phrase “Send Poke to a friend” the reading gives “Nudge a friend”

That’s what Facebook developers think? Surely not since it does not mean anything on a social network, but on the sites, we find other explanations.

The most significant answer, and the one accepted by all Facebook users, is a push or a blow on the shoulder to say “hello, here I am”. if someone has forgotten about Facebook or do not talk to you for several days it’s the role of the PokePoke, send him a Poke

Facebook with its updates makes its users furious, every time you get used to the use of the options of this social network, Mark Zuckerberg and his team ruin life by changing options, style and location parameters that’s what drives us to do some research and waste time finding these options.

So just go to your friend’s profile and click on the three points than “Poke” and the PokePoke is sent, you are going to have this confirmation message.

Note that the Poke is exchanged between friends, friends of your friends and people from the same network.

Once you send the Poke, or someone sends you a Poke you receive this notification:

If you click on the information you are on a page that contains all the information of “Poke” you received with buttons for return the Poke 

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Let’s do it, let’s do it: If a person pokes you, either you’re dealing with someone who is kindly retarded and makes you waste time on lol ze other MDRs. You zap it, it’s not your level, is not it? Or, she does not want to theorize 15 000 years with you and that, well should be seen to conclude, so she tells you that there should be a sunset shortly.

Now you know what the real meaning of a poke is, how to implement it and how to react when you get one

Facebook has become a must for some companies through pages and groups, but for simple users, it is more than a social network where we can discuss and find friends and family members.

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