Google VPS a Step forward towards google GPS to VPS.

Google VPS

GPS – GPS is the Global Positioning System is made up of a satellite-based Navigation system.  The US Department of Defence (USDOD) actually put the satellite into orbit for the military purpose but it made available to the civilians in 1980. Now Google GPS  will be replaced by Google VPS


  1.  Satellites of the GPS Make rotation around the world twice a day.
  2.  GPS device decodes the precise location of the satellite.
  3.  GPS receivers use this information and calculate a user’s exact location.
  4.  GPS receiver measures the distance to each satellite by the amount of time it takes to receive a   transmitted signal.
  5.  With measurements of distance from some more satellites, the receiver can determine a user ’s position and display it.

Now Google takes step forward to Google VPS. What is VPS?

Visual Positioning System is made up of Tango 3D computer vision. The cameras of a Tango device calculate the position by triangulation based on “distinct visual cues in the entourage”.

Google VPS is a related function, combining live camera view with Google maps data to get a better idea of the position with more details for easier tracking.

Google VPS

Visual Positioning System

The first sparks from the appearance of the Visual Positioning System (VPS) were announced by Google the previous year when CLAY BAVOR said she was working on a service to visualize a detailed location positioning using of technology his Tango 3D computer vision.

Google VPS

‘Bavor’ described the feature as “a bit like the GPS” but instead of communicating with the satellites – which is not possible, given the problems of signal reception inside, the cameras of a Tango device calculate the position by triangulation based on “distinct visual cues in the entourage”.

The operating principle of Google VPS (Visual Positioning System)

With AR ( Augmented Reality )  enabled, a future version of the Maps application will merge its traditional interface with a live camera view. When navigating, superimposed arrows appear at each turn, making it more difficult to mislead and misinterpret directions.

The Google Giant is even experimenting with the insertion of animated characters such as a fox or cartoons of AVATAR which would eliminate any doubt and make the application more entertaining and more attractive.

AR ( Augmented Reality) technology can also make its way into the rest of the application, such as popping up an information card when you look at a storefront.

The first consumer device was launched by LENOVO.

VPS is an audio-based so will be useful for the people with impaired vision.

The feature can be especially helpful in densely populated urban areas with tall buildings where GPS drifts are common or particularly useful in dense urban areas where GPS is often blocked by skyscrapers that hamper good reception of the GPS signal

Google’s efforts in this area are guided by the company’s Tango platform, which aims to equip smarter phones with additional, location-sensitive sensors.

Google Visual Positioning System (Google VPS)

Our smartphones could then take benefit of the (VPS ) visual positioning service, whose name is stimulated by GPS. The devices that understand their environment in more detail is Google’s vision.

By being aware of the space, the VPS allows you to get an idea of your surroundings or take you to a specific place on the map.

This technology will become a smart companion and always present. Another less drastic element in the works is a “For You” tab that shows nearby points of interest, with a “Your Correspondence” feature that attempts to customize the recommendations.

One intended use of this is to share lists with friends instead of having to scroll through names of memory.

Google did not say when these features might appear on Google Maps, or if they will be available on iOS as well as Android.

Apple has expressed interest in AR (Augmented Reality), thinking of new iPhone camcorders, and providing ARKit to developers wanting to create applications.

It is said that the company is working on a stand-alone headset with features like 8K eyepieces and its own operating system, currently called “rOS”.

The VPS Visual Positioning System is the next bigger thing than GPS which is easy to navigation into unknown territories. It has been a mystery, that when our smartphones will update with this new feature installed on Google maps.


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