How can you see who is following you on Facebook


How can you see who is following you on Facebook?

The whole phenomenon of followers on Facebook can get a bit creepy if you don’t keep a watchful eye. And is that people who are not your friends on the social network can follow you and see what you publish, many times without you noticing. That is why you should check it from time to time at your list of followers

how can you see who is following you on facebook

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook, which is an American social media and technology company which is based in Menlo Park, California.

Friends follow us by default, but those who are not on our friend’s list can also do so. Sometimes it can be worrisome that they are following me and I don’t even know it. That is why it is good to know who follows me on Facebook, and here I will share the information.

How to know who follows you on Facebook

Go to your Facebook profile, click on the Friends tab below your cover photo. Then click more and choose Followers.

If you don’t have a single follower, this option will not be available to you.

People who send you a Friendship request will automatically follow you, even if you reject the offer or ignore it. If you have ignored or dismissed someone’s friend request, and do not want to continue following you, then you must block that user.

How to see who follows me on Android and other devices

How normal, possibly from your cell phone you want to know who follows you on Facebook. Here in this, we will be using the mobile app on an Android phone, but the process is identical on the iPhone and other devices.

You must open the Facebook application on your device, press the Menu of three bars in the upper right and then press your profile photo to go to the page of your biography or profile.

Here, under the necessary information, you will see how many people follow you. You just have to click on the number of followers. You will be introduced to all the people who follow you in a kind of slide show; You can swipe to see the necessary information about each of your followers.

How to control who can support you

You can change your profile settings to have followers and friends, or that only your friends can help you.

For this, click on the down arrow in the upper right of the Facebook page. In the Menu that you get, you must choose the Settings option. Then click on Public Publications in the left column. In the option who can follow me you can select Public or Friends.

When choosing friends, people who are not accepted as such will not be able to follow your public posts.

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What is the concept of following on Facebook?

You can follow people or pages on Facebook, and those who are not your friends can follow you even if you ignore or discard their friend requests.

If you follow someone who does not have you as a friend, you can see their posts in your news feed. People who follow you can not see your non-private posts without being able to comment on them, nor will they have access to your profile information.

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