Best lightweight Gaming Mouse. Do’s and Dont’s

Top 5 Best lightweight gaming mouse you can buy          

Wondering everywhere for the lightweight gaming mouse in the market? For high-grade games like shooting games, you need to buy a very lightweight gaming mouse with the best of DPI sensitivity. We need the best of the lightweight mouse for easy to use during games. With this lightweight mouse, it’s very easy for the quick movement and your arm will get less fatigued during the gaming session. Apart from its weight, you must be aware of the FPS and DPI features of the gaming mouse over the other competitor brands. We will give you with a list of top lightweight mouse that are ruling over the entire market.

Let’s get a detailed overview of the lightweight gaming mouse in this article.

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Best lightweight Gaming Mouse

Top 5 lightweight gaming mouse

Many gamers are worried about the best gaming mouse which has lesser weight than any other gaming mouse. But, in these years, we have gathered the knowledge about various gaming mice with lightweight from which we have enlisted the best out of it:

  1. Logitech G602 gaming mouse: 

This wireless gaming mouse can be regarded as the most efficient lightweight mouse at a reasonable rate. Being a renowned mouse in Logitech G-series, this mouse has been equipped with a 16k HERO sensor. Along with this high sensitivity sensor, the Logitech G602 mouse weighs nearly 80 grams.

The amazing design and programmable buttons with game commands prove this gaming mouse the best choice. Logitech G-pro mouse supports 2.4 GHz connectivity with a 1ms report rate. If you want the Logitech software, then you need to visit On the other hand, you can also get the direct download link of the required software from this site.

  1. Glorious Model O:

 Every pro gamer is in search of the best light-weight gaming mouse with high DPI and amazing design. Glorious Model O gets into all these requirements for gaming sessions. It has a weight of nearly 67 grams which is quite less compared to other gaming mice. The design of this extraordinary gaming mouse is like a honey shell comb that mainly contributes to the lightweight feature of the mouse. 

  1. Cooler master mm710: 

The Cooler master mm710 is a perfect choice for any lightweight mouse. It is amazing thinking of a perforated honeycomb shell-like gaming mouse yet prettier to use. The design of cooler master mm610 helps to make it as light over other gaming mice. You must be surprised of hearing that this incredible mouse weighs nearly 52 grams.  

  1. Razer Viper Ultralight mouse: 

This mouse has been designed ultra-light with any holes in its design like structure. The mouse of approximately 67 grams which is average in the list. It has been equipped with a 16k optical sensor along with 8 programmable buttons for setting any game command.

  1. Razer Abyssus V2: 

Comparing with the above said gaming mice, Razer Abyssus V2 is an uncommon lightweight gaming mouse. It has relatively more weight nearly 83 grams comparing with the above. Its amazing edge cut design with an optical sensor of 5,000 DPI rate makes this mouse a better option for all gamers.


After reading a complete article on a lightweight mouse, you can visit logitechgamingsoftware.cofor facing any troubleshoot query for the required software download. Get an overall analysis of the best options among the lightweight gaming mouse.


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