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Hello Friends, Welcome back! Today we have come with an exiting Whatsapp group ie a big data Whatsapp group link. We have gathered the group links from various sources and listed them in one place. If you are looking to make a career in Big data, then, you are in the right place. You can learn Big data from the experts here.

Big data has a lot of opportunities in the field. Forbes has predicted that the Hadoop market will grow up to a 99 billion dollar market by 2022 growing at a 42% CAGR.

Because this field has so many offers and huge openings, many people want to pursue their career in Big Data. This Big data Whatsapp group link helps students to learn and get tips from the experts. Join these groups and get some advice on your career.

If you have any Whatsapp group links related to Big Data, please share them with us. We will update our list.

Rules to be followed to Join these groups

  • You should not use abusive language
  • No personal promotion
  • No Nudity
  • You should not change the group image or group name
  • Should not call personally
  • Give respect and take respect

Big data whatsapp group link

Big data Whatsapp group link

Big data:

Data group:

Big data 1:

data groups 2:

Big Data Analytics:

Data Science:

Data Science Career:

Data Science Training 2:

Big data##:

BigData workshop:

BigData workshop 2:

SprkStrmng workshop May19:

June15th Bigdata workshop:

Workshop bigdata:

Big Data Learner:

data@@ big:

Bigdata classroom – btm:

Real time on Hadoop @liml:

Blockchain training:

Indonesia DataScience:

AWS Hackdays Vietnam:

IT 行業心聲:

web data:

FORMAÇÃO I.A até 5/9:

data analysis 1:

AWS n DevOps Training:


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KfkaSparkStrmng workshopW:

Bid data Hadoop:

Hadoop Admin:

SQl data:

Hadoop data:

dta big@@#:


Hadoop jb:

Free Online xl Trg:

Bigdata trained by Ajay:

Big Data Forum!!!(Hadoop):

Supply Chain Analytics:

hub data:

hadoop hub:


data analysis 2:

hadoop groups:

Hadoop developer:

Data Science Whatsapp Group

Data Science:

Data Science:

Data Science Training:

The Data Science World:

Data Science Beginners:

Data Science | Training:

Data Science:

Data science:


Data Scientists:

Data Science Training:

Data Science:

data science training:

Data Science Training:

Data Science | Training:


Diploma in Data Science:

Conclusion: Request you all to join these groups only for knowledge sharing or learning. If you are not interested in Big Data, then this is not the right place for you. These groups are managed by professionals. If you are a fresher you can learn Big Data for free. Please make use of these groups and get good jobs. All the best.


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