How to Delete Your Windows 10 Activity History

Windows 10


Windows 10

Windows 10 collects and saves your activity history on your computer and to the cloud simultaneously, from browsing history to location information. Surprisingly Microsoft makes it easy to see all the data which is being stored, and also makes it easy to delete.

Which Data Does Windows 10 Track?


The data which Windows 10 collects includes the following:

  • Edge browsing history
  • Bing search history
  • Location data
  • Cortana voice commands

If you use Microsoft’s HealthVault or the Microsoft Band device, any activity collected through that service is also stored. Microsoft says it collects this data in order to provide you with more relevant results and content which really interests you.

How to Delete Your Windows 10 Activity History


You can easily see what data has been stored and how to delete it. There are two simple ways you can delete your activity history: directly within your computer’s settings or in your Microsoft cloud account. To do it on your computer, follow the procedure as under:

  1. Go to SettingsPrivacy > Activity History.
  2. Under Clear Activity History, click the Clear 
  3. If you want to prevent Windows from continuing to collect this data, under Collect Activities toggle off the option: Let Windows collect my activities.


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