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Free Fire Live

Free Fire Live: Free Fire is the last survival shooting game available on mobile devices. Every 10 minutes of the play takes you to a remote island where you play against 49 other players, all of which need survival. Players choose to use an umbrella as their starting point and aim to stay as safe as possible.

Drive a car to explore the vast map, hiding in the canyon, or escaping from the grass. Attack and survive an ambush for the sole purpose of surviving and answering calls.

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Free Fire (FF)

1. Clash Squad is permanently open!
2. New weapon – Desert Eagle is now available in Clash Squad.
3. New character – Notora
4. Reduce difficulties in balancing the characters.
5. New advanced attachments for Kar98k, Vss and M14.
6. Against matter as an auxiliary weapon
7. User interface settings
8. Players can place markers on items for team members.
9. Dynamic weather is now available in classic mode as well.

The game in Garena only takes 10 minutes. This increases the tension when fighting other players instead of hiding with less time to hide. It will also ensure that you will be able to finish the game during the break.

When you decide to book a game, get started Then you have to run to collect your survival equipment. Due to the concentration of players struggling to survive, some areas force you to use them as soon as you take your weapons.

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When playing with a team, you can talk to them through the game. This is a quick and simple strategy and there are elements to help you win the competition. The group can gather you and three other players.

Such games will shine when you look at the different modes. You can play Ranking, Casual, Zombie, etc. When you enjoy these things, you can feel the realistic and smooth graphics of the game.

Where can you run this program?

Garena Free Fire is available on Android 4.0.3 and up, iOS 8.0 and above.

Is there a better option? FF

Absolutely not, while Guerin Free Fire is a great game. It has a smaller number of players than the popular PUBG or Fortnite. However, it solves this problem by playing games.

Free Fire is a mobile fighting game larger than the mobile versions of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. Since its launch in December 2017, the company has collected more than 450 million downloads and generated more than $ 90 million in revenue. Get the list of the most downloaded games on iOS and Android in 2019-20.

The most astonishing thing is that in a highly competitive industry such as mobile video games, it has not yet been released by leading companies in the world. It was launched by Gerina, a Singapore-based developer focused on the South Asian market.

With a growing player, more and mbattle royale game. ore people start climbing stairs every year. Here are some tips which will help you get started with the

Game mode

You can play solo, double or triple player mode. The classic mode is Battle Royale, which can be played on two maps as early as 2020. Bermuda is the first map for new players and the first map is released for the game. Ranking games are only available at Battle Royale. Unlike PUBG Mobile, you cannot select a map of your rating game – will be randomly selected.

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Characters and pets FF

In addition to Call of Duty: Mobile, all weapons and other customization elements will not provide a reward for success. There are still ways to make a small profit in-game items: characters and pets.

At the beginning of the game, you will receive a local character. But they will not give you any reward. However, you can rob them in cans or buy them with diamonds to get smaller diamonds. For example, Ford can reduce damage outside the safe area by 10% and Andrew West can reduce durability loss by 12%.

FreeFire Live

Pets can help you in many ways. For example, using Spirit Fox as a health kit can help you recover and take care of the mushrooms around you, providing timely bonuses. Diamond pets should be purchased. But other pets can be found at parties like the Night Panther.

free fire live


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