Google maps tracking your android phones even gps turned off

Google maps tracking knows where you are at pretty much all times by your phone. This is no surprise—it’s a  part of the appeal.  Though we disable GPS and Location Services in the settings of our Android devices, this won’t stop Google to know our current location. There is no other way instead to turn off your phone.

Google phone tracker locate any phone which consists of GPS cell phone tracker.The details about the length to which google tracks android cell is surfaced today from Quartz.

Quartz says that even if you disable your location services or even if you aren’t logged into your phone.

How Google maps tracking tracks your android device?

The operating system tracks the android device info from the cell towers to which it is connected to. Thus Google maps tracking get to know the location of your android device automatically. This is a policy which google confirmed to Quartz.

As Quartz reports:

Even if you disable your location services or reset your factory of default settings and apps, were observed by Quartz sends addresses of nearby cell towers to Google. Devices with  WiFi connection or cellular data connection seems to send the data to Google  which come within range of a new cell tower address. When Android devices are connected to a WiFi network, they will send the addresses of tower of android devices online  to Google even if they don’t installed the SIM cards .

Google maps tracking


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