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What is Kik?

kik is a mobile messaging application that is used on both Android and iPhone. The most popular app that is free to use is similar to Viber and WhatsApp, with some additional functions

This app has been in the news recently and should be noted if your child has a Kik account.


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Kiks main works are

  • One to one chat
  • Can send message, video, photo, GIF, etc
  • Group chat (with 49 other users)
  • Anonymous chat
  • Promotional chats allow users to follow and chat with different brands of music, entertainment, and more.
  • The promoted account will have a green star

Are there any limits?

UPDATE: The age of digital consent in Ireland was decided as the age of 16. If you are under 16, you must have the consent of a parent or guardian to use services such as social media networks. Click Down

How old a teen needs to be to use Kik?

If your child is under 16 and has created a Kik account, parents are encouraged to contact messaging app and submit a deactivate request. Note: Use the subject line parental inquiry number and include your child’s kik username and age in your message. Note: The app is currently 17+ years old on the App Store.

The app lets you send texts, pictures, GIFs, videos, sketches, and many more. All these in one app! Kik will be using your existing Wi-Fi connection or data plan and send or receive messages.

When creating an account, your teens are asked to sign in to their birthdays. If the registered birthday is for people under 13, no account is registered.

If you are a parent or legal guardian of a teen who uses kik without your consent and you want your youth account to remain inactive, you can do so at any time.

Download the Latest Version

Download the Latest Version Here

How much does Kik cost?

Kik is free App to download use. It only costs your internet

How are Kik accounts created?

Initially download the app from an authorized app store, then you can choose a username, which will be display name (first and last name). Next, you can choose a password, and provide your email address and date of birth for creating the account.

Users have to complete a CAPTCHA when they finish entering their basic information. Verification is done to prevent spam on Kik. If your child is facing difficulty solving the CAPTCHA, you can contact the Kik team for help

The user on the app who are talking to your child can see only the first and last name, username, profile, and background picture of your child.

Should I use Kik with my teen?

Yes! Kik is for all over the age of 13, who is able to use a smartphone. It’s the smartphone messenger that makes you connect with your friends, stay updated, and explore.

The app can be accessed by iPhone, iPod and Android-based devices include mini mobile webpages that have been optimized for Kik. These webpages let the users do more on Kik, include sending sketches and viral videos, play games, listen to music, and connect with other users.

The App also gives message status notifications, you can know if your message has been sent and delivered, when it has been read, and when the other person is typing etc.

This app is for the teens who are 13 or older than 13. You cannot even send messages to people who are below 13. Click Down.

It is parents responsibility to see that the child follow the rules of the App. Teens should be aware that sending or receiving sexually explicit images of a minor (Even if the images are their own).

You cannot even send messages to many people at once

Visit the official website to get the following answers

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    What can I do if my teen has received an unwanted or inappropriate message?
    What can I do if my teen has been sending inappropriate messages?
    What can I do if my teen is being impersonated?
    How can I deactivate my teen’s account?
    How can I find the username for my teen’s Kik account?
    How can I prevent my teen from using Kik?
    Does Kik have a guide for parents?
    Kik’s Smartphone Safety Tips for Parents
    Does Kik have a guide for Law Enforcement?


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