Team OS: Your Only Destination To Custom OS


Team OS

Team OS: Ideal for large businesses in the financial services, manufacturing, and IT industries, communication tools help to visualize workflows, employee engagement, and KPIs in digital networks. A Transparent Operating System for Productive Teams

Team OS is a corporate communications platform that enables employee participation, workflow management, and enterprise-level KPIs across all web, mobile applications, and smart TVs.

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Product Information

Mobile communication platform that shows employee loyalty, workflow management, and corporate-level PP.

Benchmarking yes
Employee Recognition no
Goal Management yes
Negative Feedback Management no
Performance Management yes
Pulse Surveys no

Contact information

Fragment Group

Located in the United States

TeamOS Price

There is no free version. OS Team does not offer a free trial. See the additional prices below.

Additional information:

OS Team, a software-specific torrent tracker

TeamOS is a login tracker for various groups of versions

OS Team: Your only target for a custom operating system

Business is complete

team os

Mobile first

Responsive, the mobile platform first, Team App provides efficient employee interaction, meaningful feedback, and effective employee communication, web-based Team Up Portal and Smart Team TV modules from smartphones and tablets. that TeamOS has an API-supported architecture that makes integration faster and easier. Data from other corporate platforms to see timelines, work orders, performance metrics, customer feedback, and more.

Communication People Metrics
Interactive News Feed Personal Biographies Organization-specific KPIs
Social Feed Integration Team Space Success Stories
Alerts, Praise and Blog Areas Photostream Organizational Announcements
Events, Birthdays and Sports Searchable Directory Usage Data

TeamOS features

TeamOS allows you to connect your brand internally and externally through the Teamwork application. Imagine being transferred to the world of Earl’s karmic drive for a moment. From service tickets to shows, billing, communications, and more.

Business splits quickly and effective communication between teams can be difficult with organizational growth. TeamUp Center and Team App interface leadership keeps team and organization communication in one place enhances transparency and leads to better organizational health.

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