Valentine’s day images lovers, History, Valentine’s Week.

Valentine’s day images lovers, History, Valentine’s week

Valentines’s Day is a festival love, romance, feelings, and affection for all the people who are in the relationship with their ones. As everyone knows valentines’ day is a festival of love but there is a dark history behind this crazy day. The origins of this day show a little bit of confusion as it is celebrated in different ways in different regions. Also, this day is celebrated because of different legends and their different glory. We are also providing free Valentine’s day images. You can download the images whenever you want can also use wherever you want.

Valentine’s day is celebrated on 14th February of every year. Romans used to celebrate this day for three days as the feast of Lupercalia. From 13th Feb to 15th Feb Lupercalia is celebrated by the Romans. Lupercalia is a festival of fertility where is also called as a Pagan festival.

On these 3days Romans celebrate this festival and show their respect towards their religion by sacrificing a goat for fertility and a dog for purification. The founders of Rome religion are Remus and Romulus. After sacrificing the goats the men remove the fur of the goat and they move into the Roman streets where they go on slap young women as they would become better for fertility in the coming year.

Then the very next day all the young and beautiful women gather at one place and they list out their names and put them in a large jar. One by one the young bachelor come and select one name randomly from the jar and they would go to a date with them and they share everything with them for the one year and most of them end up marrying each other if they are right to each other.

The story behind the name of the day ” Valentine’s Day”

                                                             If we go deeper regarding the valentine’s day history and its reason for the holiday we will eventually fall into a mystery as its history is not so normal. It contains different allegations, many legends are into it. But we need to know about how this day has become so famous all over the world and about its tradition and Why it is named as Valentine’s day?

The ancient history encyclopedia of Roman culture is saying that there’s a great legend named St. Valentine who is the famous priest. In the third-century Roman emperor, Claudius II ordered all the bachelor’s not to marry as single men are very strong to fight and they literally have more power than the married people. So he ordered them not to marry. But St. Valentine secretly performs the marriages for all the loved ones, this made Claudius aggressive and addressed the soldiers to him in the prison. St. Valentine was prisoned and punished severely. Also, he was ordered to be dead. During his last days, St.valentine fell in love with the Jailor’s daughter. Before his death, Valentine wrote a letter to her and in the end, he wrote: “FROM YOUR VALENTINE.”

There is also another that St. Valentine helped all Christians to escape from the prisons of Rome as they were punished severely. His heroic nature made this day to be under his name.

Valentine’s week list and free images love

We all know that Valentine’s day is celebrated for a week which is known as valentine’s week. In this week every day has some specialty. From Feb 7th to Feb 14th valentine’s week is celebrated. Here’s the list of Valentine’s Week. Here we are providing free images for every special occasion in this special week. check it out.

    Rose Day

    Propose Day

    Chocolate Day

    Teddy Day

    Promise Day

    Hug Day

    Kiss Day

    Valentine’s Day


Rose Day 2019: A red rose represents love, white roses are gifted to signal peace and affection, while pink roses are the perfect gifts for whom you are thankful to, yellow rose to symbolize your friendship.

For Rose Day, Celebrate here. There are some wishes, images, wallpapers, greetings, quotes, status, SMS,  photos, images, and messages  you can share with

I asked God for a rose and He gave me a garden…
I asked God for a drop and He gave me an ocean…
I asked God for an angel and He gave me you.
Happy Rose Day, my Valentine!

Grateful to you for all the love and affection you have poured on me. This is my little way of saying “thank you’. Happy Rose Day!

Your smile is my gift. Happy Rose Day Dear!

You have always been peaceful and calm. These white roses are just perfect for you !
Hope you like them. Happy Rose Day!

Hello, my bubbly! You have my heart and these roses are communicating the same to you. Happy Rose Day!

rose day

PROPOSE DAYpropose day


chocolate day


TEDDY DAYteddy day


promise day



KISS DAYkiss day


Valentine's day images lovers

Valentine's day images lovers

Valentine's day images lovers


Valentine's day images lovers

Valentine’s day images lovers

Valentine's day images lovers

Valentine’s day images lovers


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