Garmin India launched Vivosport smart tracker

Garmin India launched Vivosport smart tracker.

Vivosport smart trackerSmart wearable maker Garmin India released the “vivosport” clever activity tracker for Rs 15,990. “The ‘vivosport’ smart tracker comes with the several features for indoor and outdoor strength-activity. Through all method, it is a best machine for tracking your fitness all the way and anytime,” Ali Rizvi, broad financial gain supervisor, Garmin India, said in a statement.

Vivosport activity tracker.

The tool features has a dependable battery lifetime of seven days thus on facilitate the users tune basics like energy burnt, pace, distance, velocity, steps and all-day stress levels, the organisation claimed. The tool additionally consists of a integrated heart value screen machine and water-proofing.

The Garmin Vivosport activity tracker can accurately track your daily activities and display notifications from your smartphone. It can connect with third-party apps like MyFitnessPal and wireless heart-rate monitors. It is also a waterproof and has personalized activity goals.

Design Of The Best Vivosport Smart Tracker.

The design is like most of the trackers available today: a flexible band with the two small prongs you push through holes on the rubber band. To ensure it will not fall off, Garmin includes a secondary security slider the company call it as a Vivokeeper.

The device is offered in two different sizes: small and large. Typically men wear the larger size, while most women wear the smaller one. In all, the band is thin, flexible and lightweight. In fact, it’s smaller than the cheaper and less feature-packed Vivofit, and most of the time you forget that it’s actually on your wrist.

An invisible OLED touchscreen turnup when you double-tap the front of the device. The screen can be difficult to read in some environments and I found the double tap action do not always wake it up.

Smart features of the best watch tracker.

As the name says, the Vivosport  tracker also contain some “smart” features. You will be cautioned  with a vibration when notifications come to your smartphone.

The Garmin“vivosport”activity tracker comes with integrated GPS and comes with sensible notifications like automobile uploads, song controls and automatic code updates. The best fitness tracker can be had on and in the selected retail stores.

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