WhatsApp to stop working on some smartphones after December 31st


WhatsApp to stop working on some smartphones



WhatsApp to stop working on some smartphones. WhatsApp is about to prevent running on a many smartphone systems from December 31, 2017. Even as this information simply does sound very gloomy and something to get panicked approximately, it’s miles absolutely pretty benign.There is no want to panic by any means. In reality, Whats-app will work typically for 99 percentage of you as soon as the brand new 12 months breaks cowl. The phone structures in query are mostly old and used by a really small subset of users.

Here are the pinnacle 5 factor to realize approximately whatsapp’s truly controversial choice:

1. WhatsApp is losing support for a number of previous platforms in a bid to attention on ios and android – cellular structures utilized by a majority of customers obtainable. In whats-app’s very own words – “This was a hard decision for us to make, however the right one in order to give humans better methods to maintain in touch with friends, family, and cherished ones the use of whats-app.”

2. WhatsApp will stop operating on smartphones jogging on blackberry os and blackberry 10 from December 31,2017.Blackberry os is an exceptionally dated running machine (released in 1999) that powered mythical smartphones together with the blackberry formidable.

The fact that blackberry supported it for as lengthy as it did is in itself a large deal. Blackberry 10 was its formidable alternative which didn’t provide ios and android a run for its money and turned into sooner or later forgotten by blackberry themselves.

3. WhatsApp will even stop running on smartphones running home windows phone eight.0 (and below). The axing of the messaging platform from home windows cellphone eight.zero is slightly greater controversial as there are nevertheless a small pocket of wp loyalists who cherish their smartphones.

But sudden it may seem, there are nevertheless many windows telephone handsets out there alive and respiration exceptional whose customers can be unable to communicate with their friends and circle of relatives.

4. WhatsApp is likewise set to stop operating on characteristic telephones strolling on the Nokia s40 platform from December 31, 2018. Yes, trust it or no longer however Nokia used to make characteristic phones with whats-app aid once upon a time.

S40 is pretty an old platform which hasn’t seen a new smartphone release in an extended at the same time as and whats-app is giving current customers greater than sufficient time to improve to a new telephone.

5. Finally, whats app will prevent operating on android smartphones walking on android versions older than android gingerbread 2.three.7 after February 1, 2020. Whether or not this will be controversial or not remains to be seen.

While there may be desire that the android international could have moved directly to more moderen variations by means of 2020 and gingerbread would be not anything however a relic of the beyond, given android’s abysmal update fee there is a danger gingerbread smartphones might be nonetheless alive and kicking in years time.

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