Google maps location sharing includes a safety feature to increase your battery life.


Google maps location sharing increase your battery life.

As you all know smarttechbuzz is all about sharing technological updates happening in the world. Here we are back with another technical update. It is a technical update which also includes a safety feature.  Now we are going to tell about Google maps a new invention that is sharing your live location can increase your battery life(Google maps location sharing ). Yes, it is true that whenever you share your current location on your Android Mobile you can increase your battery.

Google maps location sharing

Google maps share location

Now, will tell you a situation and imagine yourself suppose you have gone to a long drive and suddenly your car is stuck in the area which is far away from the city and you don’t have any axes to contact your friend and family members, and your battery is about to drain. In such a situation what will you do? How can you get out of that area? How can your friends and family rescue you?

How to locate someone using google maps

When you share your live location with friends or family members through Google Maps app, it shows up on the mobile of a person to whom you sent they can exactly locate you, And know where you are. They can also observe that how much battery you have.  This feature also enables to increase your battery percentage.

Here we will tell you what you can do in this situation. Google Maps has added a smart feature that is when you share your live location to your friends or family members. Google Maps can also display your battery percentage to them. so suppose if you find in the above situation, just send your live location through Google Maps.

How to use Google Maps?

Users can update their Google Maps app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store to check if they’ve received the update.

How to share location on google maps.

Step 1: Open up Google Maps on your Smartphone.
Step 2: On the home screen, click the hamburger menu found on the top left of the screen
Step 3: Click on location sharing characteristics and you will be prompted with an update to share real-time location with friends and family
Step 4: Live location can be shared for x number of hours or until the feature has been turned off
Step 5: So, live location can be shared on popular social media apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Messages, Hangouts, Bluetooth, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail among others.

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Google maps location sharing Characteristic has great potential when it comes to the safety of the users. The feature was first spotted in February by tech website Android Police when it did a teardown of the Google Maps v9.71 beta.


Battery life is very important to work any apps in mobile.

Google Maps versions ios and Android will eventually receive the update.

This feature is particularly useful for the people who work on a night shift or people who work in forest areas. This is also useful to the parents to keep a tab on the Childs location and do not worry more.

No doubt that it is a much more useful characteristic of Google. It did not discover this idea for the first time. A social map app called Zenly which acquired Snapchat had a battery sharing characteristic back in 2016.

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