Samsung Galaxy S9 release smartphone’s name during Q4 2017 results stated

Samsung Galaxy S9


Samsung Galaxy S9

We are a few weeks away from the launch of Samsung’s future flagship smartphone(Samsung). The South Korean technology company has confirmed its existence and therefore the recent leaks have left nothing to the imagination. It also has sent invitations to media homes showing ‘9’ in it, powerfully suggesting the name of the telephone set to be Samsung’ Galaxy S9 ‘.

However, so far the firm has not formally confirmed the name of the future flagship smartphone. it’s finally done therefore currently with its q4 2017 results.

In the diary post by Samsung, whereas stating what to expect in Q1 2018, the company said that “In the primary quarter, the company expects the mobile business to boost its earnings, light-emitting diode by a rise in sales of flagship product with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9.” Nothing else aside from the name was mentioned concerning the smartphone.

Samsung also re-confirmed the launch time of the smartphone. “In the primary quarter, amid forecasts for weak demand for smartphones and tablets because of low seasonality, the corporate expects to extend its smartphone shipments backed by the freshly launched Galaxy A8 and A8+ and future release of the Galaxy flagship, which is able to launch next month.”

The smartphone giant added company’s total smartphone shipments decreased as compared to Q3 2017, the sales of flagship models, like the Galaxy Note 8 grew.
As for 2018, the company said that it aims additional to expand the sales of its premium smartphones and keep up options like camera and Bixby.

It additionally has plans for mid-to-low finish smartphones. “In addition, Samsung plans to continue optimizing its mid- to low-end lineup and enhancing productivity so as to realize qualitative growth of the smartphone business.”

Earlier this month at CES 2018, Samsung mobile head DK Koh nearly confirmed the arrival of the Galaxy S9 for MWC 2018. Koh failed to ensure the name of the smartphone however he will reveal that the company’s ‘first flagship’ are inbound at the MWC trade exhibition next month.

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