Technology in the 1920s-Explore the evolution of technology from the 1920’s

Technology in the 1920s: The end of the First World War, a movement of euphoria and liberation invaded France. The French people are rediscovering the pleasure of having fun and the whole society is finding an interest in culture. The 1920s become the roaring years, synonymous with bubbling and effervescence.

Technology in the 1920s

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The roaring years, or creativity in all its states.

The madness of the 1920s is characterized by many novelties, like the appearance of jazz, radio, cinema or home appliances. In Paris, the Montparnasse district symbolizes this renewal, where pleasure and exuberance are erected in a way of life. It’s the time of Josephine Baker, Art Deco, creations of Coco Chanel, etc. Conquered by this wave of creative and liberating euphoria, many Americans took advantage of this friendly and resolutely modern atmosphere before returning to a country prey to prohibition and conservatism.

Technology in the 1920s

Year Technology  Person
1920 Dressing  Earle Dickson makes the first adhesive bandages.
1920 refrigerators spread in homes. Introduced in 1913 in the United States
1920 discs  the gramophone is growing.
1920 Phone  Business Development.
1920 Lipstick – The modern lipstick (red kiss indelible) is invented by the chemist Paul Baudecroux or also the brothers Revson, in the 1920s.
1920 Slingshot effect Yuri Kondratyuk at the idea of using the sling effect to accelerate the speed of a space probe.
1920 1961: the idea has taken over and improved by Michael Minovitch.
1920 Put into practice with the Luna 3 probe (1959) and the Mariner 10 and Venus probe (1974).
1920 Stars Arthur Eddington: stars (like the Sun) transform hydrogen into helium by nuclear fusion.
1920 Ship Steam engines replaced by diesel engines.


1921 Insulin Charles Best and Frederick Banting isolate insulin from the pancreas.
1921 BCG vaccine against tuberculosis by Albert Calmette and Camille Guérin (France). First tests on newborns. Vaccination develops from 1924,
1921 Rayon Edward Bevan
1921 Robot Karel Capek writes a science fiction play and introduces the word robot.
1922 Radio first French station: Radiola-Radio-Paris. the transmitting stations are developing.
1922 Blender Stephen Poplawski
1922 Patch  Louis Rustin
1923 Helicopter  – Juan de la Cierva (Spain) makes fly an autogiro. In 1939, Igor Sikorski the first real helicopter.
1923 frozen Clarence Birdseye: Packaging of fresh frozen foods under pressure.
In 1944, he worked on the realization of refrigerated wagons.


1924 Andromeda is not a nebula but a galaxy (220 000 al in diameter and at a distance of 2.54 al).
1924 Engine Lucien-Eugène Inchauspé invents the injection pump that makes the diesel engine more efficient.
1924 Remote control E. Fiamma – Itatdregs
1924 fax machine Alexandre Batin – England
1924 TV John Logie Baird builds a mechanical television.
1924 In 1928, he sent images from the United Kingdom to the United States.
1924 Tissue – First used in gas masks of the war of 14, the kleenex was used by women to remove makeup, and then as disposable tissues.
1925 Fibreglass Henri and Camille Dreyfus.
1925 Belinograph  Édouard Belin, ancestor of the fax machine.
1925 freezing Food by Clarence Birdseye (United States).
1925 Plane  first passenger plane: De Havilland Moth.
1925 In England, a moth was a passenger plane regardless of the manufacturer.


1925 Oceans Atlantic Ridge, discovered in 1872, is confirmed by sonar probes.
It extends, in fact, from north to south and has reliefs from 2000 to 3000 meters above the ocean floor.
1926 Rocket engine  Robert Goddard: liquid fuel rocket engine.
1926 Television – By John Baird (Scotsman); 1931, the first public demonstration by René Barthélemy (180 lines) >>>
1926 undulatory – Wave theory of Erwin Schrödinger.
1926 PVC Patent of the company BF Goodrich.
1926 Hairdryer – Theo Throuilhet (Calor). Jean mantelet (founder of Moulinex) will give it its final form in 1961.
1926 Aerosol  Erik Rotheim
1927 Uncertainty Principle of the uncertainty of Heisenberg.
1927 Water skiing Petersen
1927 Cinema speaking with an independent record: A. Crossland’s jazz singer (Warner Bros.).
1927 Plane – Crossing the Atlantic by Charles Lindbergh: Spirit of Saint Louis. 1,700 litres of fuel.


1927 Breathing Philip Drinker and Louis Agassiz Shaw invent the lung of steel.
1927 watch quartz clock and electricity.
1927 LED Date of the invention (Patent)   of the light-emitting diode by Oleg Losev.
In 1907, Henry Joseph Round discovered the emission of light by a semiconductor. See the Year 1962.
1928 Algorithm David Hilbert questions the ability of algorithms to handle all kinds of data.
1928 Electric razor Jacob Schick.
1928 Electrodynamics Paul Dirac proposes quantum electrodynamics.
1928 Penicillin – the first antibiotic discovered by Alexander Fleming (London). Example of serenity (discovered by chance)
1928 Pacemaker in Australia, this new invention saves a baby.
1928 Glucose  Carl and Gerty Cori discover the biological cycle of Cori.
Glucose is converted to lactic acid when the muscles work, which is recycled through the liver and back to the muscles as glycogen, converted back into glucose.


1928 Magnetic tape  Fritz Pfleumer.
It was not until 1936 for the first magnetic tape recorder (Magnetophon – Aeg and IG-Farben)).
1929 Electro brainwave Hans Berger
1929 Conditioners Introduction to the United States of room air conditioners.
1929 Radiosonde  invented by Robert Bureau.
1929 quantum Development of quantum field theory by Werner Heisenberg and Wolfgang Pauli from the ideas of Paul Dirac.
1929 Electricity Robert Van De Graff invents his machine to produce electrostatic electricity at high voltage.
1929 Universe  Edwin Hubble proves that the Universe is expanding.

The crisis of 1929 puts an end to the roaring years.

If the roaring years begin with the 1920s, they will end with the crisis of 1929 and the Wall Street stock market crash, which reverberated throughout Europe. After the expansion, the French must now face the economic crisis.

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