Top 5 Free Android Games

Top 5 Free Android Games


Top 5 Free Android Games

Top 5 Free Android Games : Tablets and cell phones have been part of our daily lives for a long time and can be very interesting to add in our activities with our young children. Several studios offer fun and educational games that appeal to the creativity of our children and often allow the child to go at his own pace and create his own scenarios. Good games 100% free, it is possible? Absolutely, and I selected the best games I tried with my two boys (2 and 4 years old) on my Android tablet. As a bonus, I include a link to the App Store for Apple’s followers (when available). 

# 5 Free Pango Storytime 

Free Pango Storytime

In Pango Free, the child is offered 5 interactive stories to read with him where he will be ask

ed to interact with the characters to advance the story. The presence of the adult is required to read the text and give directions to the child. A nice addition to your reading sessions! Download on Google Play

# 4 Sago Mini Boats

Sago Mini Boats

This game from the excellent Canadian studio Sago Sago invites your children to accompany the dog Harvey who wants to visit a friend. To do this, he has to pack his bags and go by boat. During his trip, a multitude of events can be triggered, giving a sense of freedom to children who can go at their own pace.Top 5 Free Android Games

Download on Google Play

A paid version with more content is available here.

The free version seems to be available only for Android, but a paid version is available on the App Store for $ 3.99

Top 5 Free Android Games

# 3 Games from the Playroom

This game, from a series of children’s books, features a compilation of three popular games. A memory game with four levels of difficulty, a mix-and-match style game where the child must reproduce a character (head, body, legs, bottom) and seek and find. The graphics are superb and the replayability is at the rendezvous, for example, the portion seeks and finds offers three different sets, but the items to find are random each time. Top 5 Free Android Games. A small advertisement to get the books is present, but hardly accessible by the children. Download on Google Play

# 2 Toca Kitchen 1 and 2

Toca Kitchen 1 and 2

Two great games from another excellent studio, Toca Boca AB. Here, the child is free to cook a variety of foods according to his inspiration of the moment and to serve the result to a character of his choice to watch his verdict. Will he feast, grimace or spit his creation? Each character to his tastes and you will have to try to discover them. You can cut, fry, cook, mix, boil, juice, chop, season and more. Very impressive for free titles.

Download on Google Play

The free version seems to be available only for Android, but a paid version is available on the App Store at a cost of $ 2.99

Top 5 Free Android Games

# 1 Kapu Forest

Kapu Forest

The first place goes to a game that could definitely have paid for the amount of content it offers and the beauty of its graphics. With over 10 original and varied mini games such as feeding a fox, guiding a mole through a labyrinth, helping a beaver build its dam with shapes, helping a rabbit to grow carrots … In short, a superb game, beautifully realized, which offers a lot more than a lot of paid games.

Download on Google Play

Again, the free version seems to be available only for Android, but a paid version is available on the App Store at a cost of $ 2.79

(Bonus Game):

Dragon City

Rule your own city of dragons and let there be as many dragons as possible to live there. Form your own team of warriors and attack other players around the world. Can you collect them all? You can download dragon city mod apk and 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk here for free.


Here are some links to studios to watch. Take a look and you will probably discover some titles that will appeal to the more specific tastes of your children. They all have at least one free game and the paid games are down $ 5. Unfortunately, all links except one are in English.

I hope you have discovered some titles that you will appreciate with your moss! If your favorite games do not appear in this list, do not hesitate to share your choices in the comments to make them discover everyone!

I also invite you to watch the blog for my next article, TOP 5 ANDROID GAMES AT LESS THAN $ 5 FOR CHILDREN 2-5 YEARS.

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