Gboard Keeps Stopping-6 Easy Methods to fix this issue Permanently

Gboard Keeps Stopping: In 2016, Google has released its first ever virtual keyboard application Gboard
A recent update to the PlayStation app has raised concerns among thousands of Android users, including their rare phones. Google has encountered something unusual with the number of forums that claim to be refining your filtering system.

Data and cache clearing, yes, but now, while Gboard is running on smartphones, many users say Gboard will not be able to access the PlayStore because it cannot be searched by the keyboard. Worst of all, users have to use the keyboard to unlock their phones. However, the block did not allow them to access the desktop.

There are a number of typing apps or keyboard apps available in the playstore or iOS Store, one of which is Google’s Gboard, which provides all the features that make typing easier. Gboard is associated with Google-related features. Google Search, Translation, Maps, and More. These are free on the desktop to make your life easier.

Many users have complained of errors when using Gboard – Gboard has stopped working, gboard keeps stopping android, what is gboard keeps stopping, gboard keeps stopping how to fix, android gboard keeps stopping, how to fix gboard keeps stopping” when using Gboard on their Android or Android smartphones.

Gboard Keeps Stopping


Why “Gboard Keeps Stopping” happening?

This problem is usually caused by low device space, or low RAM, or a technical problem. In this article, we shall resolve Gboard Keeps Stopping issue.

The process is simple, and there are many ways to fix this error, follow each step to see which one works for you.

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How do you fix ‘Gboard Keeps Stopping’?

Method 1-restart the device

The easiest way to do this is to restart your device. As soon as the device has started, restart and fix any minor issues that may be problematic.

To restart your device press and hold the power button on your smartphone -> you will see an option. Both “Power off” and “Restart” Click on restart, Now your device restarts and you can check whether the error is still appearing.

Method 2-Force shutdown Gboard app

Please try this method before attempting to uninstall and reinstall the application. Many times this method fixes Gboard Keeps Stopping error. Follow the steps below to force quit the application.

Go to settings>>>
Scroll down and click Apps or Applications.
Open Gboard from the list of applications.
Here you have to click the “forced Stop” button and make sure you are ready.
Return to the home screen and test the keyboard. The error is fixed.

Method 3-Set Gboard as the Main keyboard or Current keyboard.

In many cases Keyboard selection get changed and other keys will be activated, such as Swiftkey and native keyboards. To change the keyboard, you need to change the following settings below.

Go to settings>>>
Type Language and input option.
Tap the current keyboard
In the popup window, select the Gboard option here.
Select and type keyboard.
Close all other keyboards here and point to Gboard.

Method 4-Uninstall updates

Sometimes, an error occurs because of the latest update. In this case, if there is a new update bug, you will need to uninstall the Gboard application and return to the previous version of the app. Follow the below steps

Go to settings>>
Tap an app or application.
Select the Gboard application.
Now, click on the “three dots” icon on the right side of the screen.
Now click uninstall updates.

Method 5- Clear Cache

This will erase all previously stored data which causes error.

Go to settings>>>
Type an app or application.
Select the Gboard application.
Now, click on storage option
Use clear cache

Do not tap clear data, as this will erase the memory stored in your phone memory

This is a simple solution to resolve this error. This is a common error that can be easily corrected without the need for major changes.

Make sure both Gboard and your Android device are up to date.
Make sure there are no pending updates for your device or Gboard app. In this case, installing these updates can detect a possible error in the Gboard code.

Use the following options for solving Gboard Keeps Stopping issue

  • Restart your Device
  • Clear Data and Cache for Gboard App
  • Force Stop the application
  • Check for updates
  • Disable Gboard application
  • Uninstall the Application

Conclusion: This is a simple error and do not need any technical knowledge to resolve. Try the above steps to resolve the issue. Please comment if you have any other solution. Thanks in advance

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