Puppy1, a smart suitcase to be released by 90FUN

puppy1 smart suitcase

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Puppy1(smart suitcase)

90 FUN, a Chinese company is going to showcase its smart suitcase Puppy 1 at the United States CES 2018 in Las Vegas next week. This smart suitcase is designed to follow you constantly or it can be ordered using a remote control. The following feature in this self-balancing and an auto-following suitcase is setup using an auto-follow chip and positioning system.

The following mode is adjusted with the help of remote control. The company says its following suitcase is the first to make use of an auto-balance technology. The company worked together with Segway Inc (the world’s leading provider of mobile robotics solution) to add a gravity adaptive system to the suitcase, which helps the suitcase balance itself as it rolls.

The suitcase follows you around like a puppy and hence it was named “PUPPY1” by the company. The suitcase comes with a 20-inch packing space and there is also a rolling handle despite of the auto-follow feature and the suitcase is fitted with two wheels.



Puppy 1 is not the first suitcase with auto follow system, Cowarobot R1 which was launched last year also comes with auto follow and sensors which prevent it from running into other travelers or down the stairs. Cowarobot R1 balances on four wheels.


The 90Fun brand is part of Shanghai Runmi Technology Co. Ltd., a company that launched in 2015. The availability and price of the smart suitcase has not been disclosed yet, but it may release the information at the CES.


90FUN’s CEO Miao LIU, stated: “Targeting the US market is the first step of 90FUN’s international branding strategy because this is where first adopters of new technology gather and the strong curiosity inherent in this region makes it a perfect place to launch our smart suitcase.”

Puppy1 will provide a premium experience to travelers.

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